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Past Shows


In November 2003, PWT presented its first show, Enchanted Souls: Tales From Japan, a collection of Japanese folktales adapted for the stage by director Angie Hughes.


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Cast: Tracy Francis, Tyler Herman, Aaron Martin, and Brenda Walls



In March 2004, PWT presented A Visit From William Butler Yeats, featuring fours short plays: Cathleen Ni Hoolihan, A Full Moon in March, Purgatory, and The Words Upon the Window-Pane, directed by Angie Hughes.


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Cast: MaryAnne Glazebrook, Deborah Zelda Lee, Lilia Lucas, Robert Bonwell Parker, Don Sky, Brenda Walls, Heather Walters, and Nancy Wellman



In June 2004, PWT presented A Bad Day at Work?, an evening of self-written monologues about jobs gone wrong, directed by Angie Hughes.


Performers: Kelly Flood I Had a Dream, Lisa Granholm Handcuffs & Martinis, Angie Hughes Do You Like Human?, Paetra Huntington Bad Job Gone Badder, Anne Kornfeld Direct Care Nightmare, Deborah Zelda Lee Jazz Jones, Brenda Walls The Boat, Nancy Wellman Mr. Puckett: The Weakest Link?


In July 2004, PWT presented A Grimm Look, featuring 10 fairytales, Rapunzel; The Robber and His Sons; The Messengers of Death; The Mouse, the Bird, and the Sausage; The Companionship of the Cat and the Mouse; The Fisherman and His Wife; Bluebeard; Cinderella; All Fur; and The Hare’s Bride, adapted for the stage and directed by Angie Hughes.


Cast: Sokrates Frantzis, MaryAnne Glazebrook, Tyler Herman, Megan Kohl, Katherine Little, Lily Lucas, Dannielle N. Miles, and Lindsay Thomas



In October 2007, PWT presented Orbiting Desire, featuring a scene from Crimes of the Heart by Beth Henley, Lord Byron’s Love Letter by Tennessee Williams, and The Great Nebula in Orion by Lanford Wilson, produced and directed by the collective group of Portland World Theatre.

Cast: Deborah Zelda Lee, Heather Rose Walters, and Angie Hughes.



Portland World Theatre

was proud to present



world premiere



The Shadow Testament


Written by Susan Mach

Directed by Angie Hughes

The Shadow Testament is loosely based on incidents that took place around the turn of the century in Corvallis and Seattle.  It’s the story of a young woman (Jane) who has to come to terms with a crime she committed in the name of love and God.  Eleven actors explore the past during a night of visions, dreams, and conversations with haunting ghosts, all manifested by Jane, as she sits in her room in an asylum.  She wonders how passion turned ugly, and where love turned to hate.  Explore the far reaches of a “tainted,” “soiled” and “disturbed” young woman’s mind.



Reba Sparrow, Jade Hobbs, Anna Gettles, Kristin Baehr, Jeff Schwab, Jeremy Benjamin,

Sam Munger, Don Kinder, Marty Winborne, Mark McCallum, Tom Mounsey






Associated Productions


In May 2009, Gresham Little Theater presented Robert Harling's Steel Magnolias, directed by Angie Hughes (co-founder of Portland World Theatre).


Cast: Shelley Tate, Eryn Snodgrass, Diane Nelson, Maren McGuire, Trisha Blake, and Kathleen Morrow.


The audience exclaimed:

"I recently saw the Gresham Little Theater production of “Steel Magnolias.”  The cast does a tremendous job with this play. They managed to guide the audience through a range of emotions, not the least of which was laughter.  Your community is fortunate to have the Gresham Little Theater and everyone should go see “Steel Magnolias”! A great play, great cast, and a theater with character."
     --Bruce L.

"I attended the performance tonight & was absolutely blown away!!! What an awesome performance & a great time I had…people need to know about it & what a great "Girls Night Out" it makes…Hats off to the performers & I wish you success for the next few weeks!"
     --Peggy M.